Sunday, December 10, 2006

Desperate Guys

Comfortable and warm
I’m five miles west
Traveling towards sleepytown
You tap my shoulder
Pout out your lip
Point to your dick
You’re trying to ride the train east
To bang-a-tron
But I’m tired and you disgust me
How are you still here?
You try to roll me over
But your hands burn
And bubble up.
I’ve got so much heat and passion
Welling up inside
That can hardly be contained.
But you won’t be the one to release it.
You could never be the one to know it.
Your hands puss over
And yet you want to try me again.
Wasted nights bothered by
Your failed attempts
You tell me I’m so cold
But my body temperature’s rising.
You tell me that I should
But I’m pushing you to the door.
You can tell me that you love me
But it won’t do you any good.
I’m over this and sick of you.
I’m tired as I kick you out
For the last time
And jump on board
The last ride to sleepytown.

by Kate Green

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