Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Two Hundred, Well Laid On

Two hundred lashes, to the girl, harlot, seen leaving his room,
Another student, in her class.
Shame to her family, an abomination, under holy law,
Whip her, give her the lash.

Adultery, sin abhorrent, stone the whore, bury her in the pit,
Her son, pure lad, will cast the first stone.
Her husband, dishonored, her tribe and clan shamed,
It is written, kill her, kill the sinner, she cannot atone.

Blasphemy, the unbeliever did drink from our well, pollution vile,
Off with her head, we say.
Holy writ scorned, her presence on the street, we must not accept,
Now the idolater, we must slay.

by Jason Barrett

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