Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am surrounded by alcoholics

They are here, there and everywhere
Friends and relatives
Unacquainted about life’s responsibilities
Hanging idle with a bottle of poison
Living while destroying
At home under their mother’s nose
Or all alone, nobody to talk to
In a world that is isolated and freezing cold.

I see alcoholics where I live
Young and old, all nice people though
Expressions of dejection
As if a barstool is the most comfortable place to hide
Or maybe just plain petrified
To face the world and all its problems
Through wide opened eyes.

I had an uncle who was an alcoholic
His wife left him
He then lived alone and drank as much as he liked
So one day he decided to place his head inside the gas cooker
And kill himself by breathing in the poisonous fumes.
I wonder why?

I have an uncle who is an alcoholic
His wife left him too
He now lives and drinks with a younger woman
She is a heroin addict decorated in self applied tattoos.

I had a girl, she was an alcoholic too.
Unbeknown to most, she hides it very well
It was hard to walk away
She gave me great head, she really could screw.

I am surrounded by alcoholics.
Although my parents, they barely even drink
They have often warned me about the degrading lifestyle
And the uncontrollable and horrid nature
Of an alcoholic
And how a world can crumble
While family and friends cant do a thing but watch on
With unconditional love that is ignored and taken for granted.

Maybe it is ok to hit the floor once in your life
Devotion is then highlighted
Guardian angels in the form of loved ones
Peep from behind the curtains of heaven
Express the free love.
We are here
You are there
Without each other things will never be the same
So lets enjoy it while we can
Lets awake to the sound of the bird’s singing in the trees
Fresh and sacred
Hands held high and spirits reignited to daylight and beautiful skies.
Lets live to enjoy our moments and smoothen memories.
Relinquish through maturity.
And when that day finally comes to sink into our coffins
It will be to sweet and everlasting praise.
Your time here has not been ended, but accomplished.
Enrichment and inspiration
Risen and derived
From the hearts of fulfilled lives
Final farewells untainted
With wishful goodbyes.

by Paul Hendricks

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