Thursday, December 22, 2011


I sleep with chords all around me
so if I get caught up in one I can say I died in my sleep by the most beautiful chord that had ever stuck me.
That it was so beautiful it took my breathe away,
like only a few things can.

Let's call a spade a spade and use it to dig our own graves.
I've been living six feet under the stars for way too long.

We're all stars
Burning too bright to ever see each other.
Dangling from chords like get-away-planes
Crash landing into a new ending

So come and tie us together
Burning stars Hung forever.

We're all cold in this dead space.
I've got body heat can we use it?

So do you
We just need someone to tell us we're warm.

So come and tie us together
Burning stars Hung forever.

I've seen houses burnt down and you said you'd rather go out with a bang.
But all we have is time
You're burning alive

Ya and it's when you stopped living your life by a timeline that you stopped hanging by a thread

Were all spread to thin born with just enough skin to cover up what matters

I'm still tossing in my sleep but haven't hit the right chord yet.

I still find myself catching my breath
And taking heart burn pills
To keep from feeling the friction burns of trying to get close to you said we'd never go down in flames

I know you said to never listen
I know you said to never trust someone who had skin like butterflies
I know.
Never look someone in the eye whose eyes look just like the star you picked was yours as a kid, before people started saying there was a registry and that there were limits on love and heaven had gates.

So come and tie us together
Burning stars hung forever.

So come and tie me together
A burning star hung forever.

by David Ball

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