Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I tend to lean towards the color black.
Black panties.
Black garters.
Black stockings.
Black heels.
Black leather.
Black rubber.
Red lipstick.
How I adore red lipstick!
My red fiery lips are the stop sign that forces you to halt.

Tonight is a bit of a exception.
I have been invited to a PINK PARTY!
Pink is a stretch for a dame like myself.
But, I am always up for a challenge.

Considering the week I had and my keen ability to service.
I was left with only one clever idea.
"A Maid Costume!"
I would wear a PVC Pink Maid costume.
The material was like fresh enamel.
Pink , glossy, slick and terribly short.
The waist was fitted and the bodice was trimmed in white lace.
To my amazement the apron was so sweet, practically angelic.
The under skirt was so fluffy and white it looked like a tasty pastry.
My luscious lips made for a nice cherry.

Tits up.
Corset synched.
Garters tight.
Fishnets fully seamed.
Heels gleaming.
Last but not least, my precious pussy hand painted to perfection!

To the awe of my friends, I had arrived in PINK.
Pretty pastel and hot pink graced the walls like a canvas.
With my pounding stomp of a stride, I had truly arrived.

The room was filled with luscious bodies.
The music was pounding.
Eyes flickered and teeth glistened.

The air was thick with sex.
I could smell and taste it.
My pussy moistened with thoughts of all the possibility.

"Sweet dark chocolates?"

I had wanted decadence and here I was.
Looking all the part of a dessert, fit for a king.

Everywhere I looked there were bits of pleasure.
People fucking in the halls and on balconies.
Men shoving their hard warm cocks deep inside eager willing women's wet slots.
Women with tits exposed to my temptation.
All the pleasure was overwhelming.
Hands and mouths tangled in bliss.
Beauties and ghouls.
The young and old alike.
Deeper, I was driven to wanting.
My pussy was soaked with need.

As the music progressed to a deafening pulse, I began to quiver.
The anticipation was eating me alive.
Harder, faster, the music entranced me more by the moment.

To my surprise, the music began to fade in and out.
The grand show had begun.
A catwalk of lovely ladies and firm men seduced the crowd with suggestion.
With champagne in hand and a twisted agenda, I approached the edge of the stage.
Lovely young hands assisting me in unzipping that perfect pink dress.
My angelic dress feel to the stage floor in a heap.
I was left standing in only my black and white corset, fishnet stockings, heels and a meticulously hand painted pink French cupcake on my freshly shaven pussy.

"LET THEM EAT CAKE!" I exclaimed with a devilish grin.
Reaching deep into my pussy and licking my fingers.
I gave a final look of accomplishment.

It seems everyone loves cake.

The crowd embraced the moment and exploded into gasp, laughs and cheers.
My friend's show was quite a hit.
What followed was well beyond the high I felt on the stage.
Walking into the crowd, I felt hands grazing my ass.

"Mistress Helena."
"I loved your show"

"I am pleased you enjoyed it." I replied.

To my surprise I felt a soft set of fingertips run down my shoulder.
As I stood there, a warm whisper filled my ear.

"I love cake, may I have a bite?"

A chill covered me and my nipples hardened.
That voice was so luscious.
The touch so enticing.
As I turned I was face to face to with the loveliest girl.
She smiled sweetly and asked me upstairs.
I took her hand and walked her up the stairs.
Turning the knob to the first door, I peeped in.
It was an empty library.
We walked in together.

I sat in the wingback chair.
Opening my legs and exposing my pussy, I smiled.

"GET ON YOUR KNEES!" I commanded.

Kneeling down she started at my feet, kissing my ankles and running her hands along my stockings.
Unfastening my garter, she rolled down my stockings one at a time.
Removing my beautiful stiletto from my foot, she licked it.
Kissing each toe with care and precession.
Dragging her sharp tongue along the bottom of my foot, I wiggled.
My pussy was swelling with anticipation.
Her mouth felt so good on my lovely feet and legs.

"May I Mistress?"

"EAT CAKE!" I said with fury.

She dove her face directly into my wet pussy.
Licking and lapping like a hungry little beast.
Her fingers opening the folds of my cunt for a deeper taste.

Grabbing her hair, I forced her face in deeper.


I could barely hear her muffled reply.
"Yes Mistress"

She worked even harder to please me.
Licking my clit again and again.
Darting her warm tongue deep into cunt.
She wrapped her thin arms around my thighs pulling me more into her mouth.


Pulling her pretty face into my cunt with suffocating force.
I came so hard in her mouth that I actually pissed on her.

With a tender smile she looked up to me.
"Thank you Mistress"

"Go back to the party!" I told her.

Now alone with my piece of mind.
My only thought, what a lovely PINK PARTY!

by Helena De La Severin

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Blogger mistivelvet said...

How did that happen? I left a comment that said,"Goddamn. I fucking love this poem" and it appeared underneath the previous poem. This poem is the poem I fucking love. Just wanted to clear that up. Helena, please submit to Instant Pussy. Submissions are closed but I will make an exception for you.

7:46 PM  

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