Thursday, December 29, 2011


Soul searching.
What you know?
what , how you feel…?
It’s so numbing.
Stone cold.
A faint distraction in the wrists, brain and hands.
A new direction, ready but not sleek.
Never too clear, never too speak.
A leap through.
A new day.
I sit here and contemplate reality.
What is really going on? Why?
For how long?
What will become?
Will the truth shine thru?
Will it be real or just another story tale of who knew?
Numb, I cannot speak. Numb I wish too peak.

A somber joyness moment.
Can it be true?
How will it be?
Who will turn?
Who will see?

I' ve been out of touch but rizing and learning a new way of life.
A new way of being.
Take it too tha heart.
People who care so much about me.
Who are honest and give me such pleasure.
Always educating, always a fun way too play while sitting there and learning , loving each and every day.
Take each moment for tha moment because as we all know nothing no matter how geling of a feeling, no matter how high one can be. The dark days are for us too see, feel and learn from.
Such hope.
such laughter with the ones you love.
You think now and back of hopefully the good times too come.
I clinch my teeth, my body feels weak.
Who really cares? Whose too blame?
Who to look too for hope and guidance so one does not fall and scrap her knees?
Bleeding so badly it never heals…

In tha art of her beauty/
In the description of her eyez/
I look too you and find no surprise/
And I, seek for you nott/

“One let down after another. Get used too it.
When it’s up, it’s up. When it’s low, it’s low.”

How low will you go? What is low? How low? High? How high, really?

Have you seen this and that? And everything in-between?
Look too me. You have never seen.
Tha distance in which I am too to become.
A thought of mishaps, a forgotten butterfly. Flying. Flying. Flying. And flying.

by Katie Chonacas

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesum post...
very heart touching numbness really some time I feel like the same...

1:35 AM  

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