Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ass of Burden

You see them sometimes –
Usually late at night
Off the side of the road.
In the shadows.
Just out of sight.
Shadowed figures.
Nerves and curves.
They come from the depths of night
Unexpected, like bright surprises.
- You see them and they're gone.
That horrid ghost that jumps
Out right when you think you've
Gone by, wearing tight leather,
Denim, bandanas, and always,
Always: skin – yes, lots of skin.

Where do you sleep?
I guess your "off" time is daytime.
Is this a hobby? Is it for keeps?
Unholy target of preachers,
Comedians and bartenders –
Love object of pure, paranoid
Writers and painters; who
Are you? I don't know
And tomorrow, I will not care.

But now as I pass,
Sad woman, can't you find something
To sell other than your ass?

by Sam Vargo

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