Sunday, January 21, 2007

Crazy Town

Nightmare “X” --
A man called Vivid came to visit,
through the dark eyes of a killer.
Stuck in rehab.
People from here to there.
My teeth were falling out,
and I was spitting blood like a fire hose.
I had to smile to prove my dementia.
While crawling on the ground I picked,
up my teeth from the tile floor, and put
them in my front pocket.
Vivid took me to the carnival.
On the way he started bitching at me for,
not watching the “Christmas Story” marathon.
I see the roller coaster…
Let me out before my mind explodes.
It was a bad trip, but a trip none the less.
Vivid began hitting me in the mouth with a steel pipe.
I lost the battle to become whole…
I lost everything…
Just another day in crazy town --

by Ron Cervero

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