Thursday, January 18, 2007

Face Hugger

Come down to the cove
let me wash over you
Tidal my full moon
and I’ll rain down
Golden lavender
from the heavens
To shower my curtain tail
with sprinkles
of yellow amber
The santorum noise
that vibrates with bass
Bold sound so sexual
it drips with eager
anticipating lust
Captured by lips so red
they bleed the bite to wound
Separate like lovers
I’ll take one wing for me
to add to my collection
Giving me four in all
to spread across my back
reaching for my ankles
while they poke
at mountain tops
Back to sandy footsteps
racing along the line of cusps
that forms a salty grin
oozing with liquid courage
One last ditch effort
to try to solidify
your week of solid control
binding your Brazilian sleek
to my cotton candy traps

by Kate Green

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