Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I feel like I’ve found my home in you
A warmth and love unimagined.
You are like
A finishing piece to the puzzle of my life.
You ground me,
But lift me up
To float in the clouds of happy daydreams
And complete love.

Your eyes show care and adoration -
My eyes reflect content.
To be near you is a treat;
To tangle my fingers up with yours
Is such a sweet thing!
To breathe in your breath as our lips touch
And to feel the gentle caress of your hand on my breast
Brings excitement immeasurable!

Our bodies long to touch,
To feel each other’s warmth
And to release the passions that overflow.
You’re here at my side,
Expressing so much without saying a word.
Those soft brown eyes
Gaze so lovingly in my direction -
I melt every time!

This newfound connection
Knows only adoration and love.
What will the future hold?
Maybe we don’t have to think
So hard about that now,
Let’s make it up
As we go along,

We float around,
Hand in hand
And hearts on our sleeves
Ready to offer
Each other the biggest gift
Life has to offer.
Our nets are ready
To safely catch the other.

The sun shines down on us
As we sit in the grass.
The sounds of life around
And leave us in
A world all our own
Even if
Just for a few minutes.

We kiss
And hold each other
For those few magical moments
When only we exist in the world
And nothing else
Seems to matter to me
But being in your arms
And being at your side.

Every day
I want to remember
Each moment
As it was spent with you
I want to remember your face
Your hair
Your smile
Your voice

I don’t want to forget
How you make me feel
And how wonderful
You are.
I keep these memories close
To my heart
For all of the times
When we’re apart

I wonder
Did I choose you
Or did you choose me?
How did we arrive here?
On the same path
Side by side,
Hand in hand
…Heart in heart

by Tracy Parker

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Stand up

Part I
The rich send the poor to fight their war-
War for what?
War for more
More what?
The more that doesn't matter
The more that corrupts and interrupts the natural world
Lost lives, lost ways
The poor leave, they leave the scene to fight their war
In the meantime the rich sit back in their cozy chairs and sip their wine
and watch the dimes roll in on the second
It's an orchestrated scheme.
Using the poor as pons
Hit the battle field
Die to protect your back-man
Why are the poor fighting their war?
They leave no choice
More than robbery- Brainwash
Open up the flood gates
Revealing the truth

Part II
So, While you are off marching around with your M-16
Driving your big green tank
They're all here pushing the buttons and manipulating codes to
send you off to your next big mission
Mission that keeps you away
Away and at bay
You produce the wage that lines their pocketbooks
Upon your return
You find yourself unemployed
So they pledge to make a payment
to keep your mouth shut
It works
So there you are wearing a nice blue collar
and your neighbors slice you in half with cruel stares
You're just part of the big picture
What big picture?
Pretty hard to see past the counter with your glazed over eyes
They keep you medicated- a formal sock in your mouth
How does it taste?
It's all pretty bland now
and everything seems to wear a shade of gray

by Rachel Robertson

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sweatbox and flashing lights as I
hear the screams of a stupid cunt but not
the hated kind, the kind I hate
who spits nothing but hate and thinks he’s
so dam great but he don’t understand
nirvana like kurt cobain explained in bloom
he likes all our pretty songs
but knows not what they mean
and her head is still bobbing on top of mine
cuz I’m a miner
and he’s still trying for some sound waves to coarse his fear
against that overcompensating ferrari
while i fuck in a truck with love and his girlfriend
that you couldn’t even drive cuz it’s not street legal
that’s right you’re a cowardly homophobe
blown out babel queefed piece of shit
sucking on nothing but his own thumb
until it gets numb because that’s all he had
not even a mother’s nipple
and there’s nothing he can do to soak up lead
of all the hate in my head
i’ll kill you if you don’t let your ass blow gas out
and then burp a baby cuz i’m gonna make 50000
and leave my trace in the genetic code of god
that listens to us like heaven in the clouds of sunshine
that’s right, you’re the cunt misogynist peace of shit
cum on nirvana, rape me, you sound so damn good
i see god in your girlfriend’s eyes when you’re too scared to look

by Nick LoCicero

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