Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Two Hundred, Well Laid On

Two hundred lashes, to the girl, harlot, seen leaving his room,
Another student, in her class.
Shame to her family, an abomination, under holy law,
Whip her, give her the lash.

Adultery, sin abhorrent, stone the whore, bury her in the pit,
Her son, pure lad, will cast the first stone.
Her husband, dishonored, her tribe and clan shamed,
It is written, kill her, kill the sinner, she cannot atone.

Blasphemy, the unbeliever did drink from our well, pollution vile,
Off with her head, we say.
Holy writ scorned, her presence on the street, we must not accept,
Now the idolater, we must slay.

by Jason Barrett

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Delicate Are Iron Wings

An abomination, of forked tongue and wing...
Lament at the birds, how they sing!
And in beauty, should I not perceive,
The world, through all of my grief?
Of heart and soul I have …none,
Regret... for the evils I’ve done.
As angels before me, have wept...
In sorrow, one cannot accept…
This life, for her cruelty, and rage...
As prisoners, blind to their cage.
Of flesh and bone… you are bound,
Let the hand of fate, cast you down!
For no beauty, in pain can they see...
Focused only, on the demon in me...

by Chelesea Lynn Flescher

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I’m A Legend. A Fucking God.

I’m an asshole,
but, honey,
I swear I do it best.
So don’t feel dirty
as it ain’t worth nothing
when you’re naked in the rain.

But hey, honey, as I said,
I’m a filthy fucking liar
and proud.
Do you honestly believe me?
What if I promise?

Truth be told
I’m just in it for the sex.
That sweet release.

Don’t you dare try to kiss me,
I don’t want for your touch.
You’re my waste of space
and I’m gonna make sure everybody knows it.

Hey baby, fuck it, I’m no good.
Well, that’s not completely fair,
I’m a fine advertisement for contraception.
It’s a joke Sweetie,
come on…
laugh like me,
clap with me,
cry for me.
Just don’t fuck with me
unless you wanna see my bad side?

Trust me, it does get worse.
(what do you mean you don’t trust me?
When have I ever let you down?)
I’ll have you on your knees
begging God for mercy
by the time tonight’s over.

Yes I know I’m sick,
oh yeah, I am a twisted fuck.
You ain’t even listening anyways.

Don’t answer that door.
They can’t touch me
as there ain’t no proof.

You call that a beating?
You wouldn’t know police brutality if it hit you in the face.
Yeah, throw away the key
and see if I care.

I’m a Legend I tell you…

by Aaron Kent

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

our neighbors

neighbors neighbors neighbors
bloody imitators
a chapter of paradise imbued with books of hells
brains like a fine assortment of scintillating flowers,
with skulls resembling bottomless vases
rich elephants on rickety wooden legs
ready to judge they have the dirtiest vocabulary
with the most disproportionate antics

neighbors neighbors
transient eternity; eternal ephemerality
a truth of two words: falsehood and duplicity
all the importance that insignificance can carry
the mere voicelessness of a boring voice
beautiful birds in fine feathers,
turning into greedy wolves behind your back

the closest strangers, indifferent to your anguish
a double-edged sword
honey-pots surfeited with the blackest gall
as if their teeth perspire
in the heat of abstinence,
they have to gossip about you, shamelessly

neighbors neighbors neighbors!

by Amit Parmessur

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Monday, December 13, 2010


It was a miracle that I'd ever been born in the first place.
From the womb onward.
This culture and society has weighed down on me.
Tried it's best to conspire to destroy me.
This cold-grinding-machine.
A relentless vice grip.
The soulless cyborg-horde swarming.
Cloned and programmed to hunt down and eliminate.
Everything different, ingenious, and or progressive.
A bleak Orwellian reality.
Who needs horror stories or movies?
Open your eyes, we're living in horror.
Everyday a constant struggle.
A battle.
Perpetually attacked and bombarded.
Seemingly never-ending, malice and betrayal.
A bestial and savage existence.
Animal drive set on auto-pilot.
Through the perilous wilderness of this fragile dream.
Toiling and fighting.
Trying to stay afloat.
Confronting the hostility of a cruel-universe, gone mad.
Going for the jugular.
Adapting and changing to survive.
This short life has taken a toll on me.
Scarred, tattooed, and half-ruined.
My sword dulled and becoming blunt.

I've become: reclusive, distrustful, cynical, jaded, and misanthropic.
I've seen and felt too much.
I've been through and indulged in life too much.
I've taken too many chances and experienced too much.
I'm a veteran. A survivor. A lone warrior-poet.
I'm just taking life day to day. Learning from my mistakes.
Trying to retain hope and attempting to stay positive and optimistic.
Smiling and laughing through the good times and bad.
Continuing to trudge along...

by Bryan J. Shaver

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Monday, December 06, 2010

Death and I

As I sit beneath this eucalyptus tree,
I think of the many things Death has done to me
He’s worn my bones, He’s Thinned my hair
He’s Stole my eyes, and he stole my ears
and he’s taken many things I hold quite dear.

Death is a man you should meet only once
You will not recognize him at first
His eyes will charm, and his voice will sooth
But when he touches you there is a chill.

As I sit beneath this Eucalyptus tree
With Death sitting next to me
I start to see, though my eyes have gone,
The beauty of the sea

Death is a man I know Personally
I recognize him now as a man just like me
His hair is thin, his bones are worn,
He enjoys the warm summer sun

Death and I
Beneath a eucalyptus tree

Pondering us both
What will become of We?

by Eric Long

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